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Neponset Valley Machine offers 40 years experience in High Performance Engines, Engine Rebuilding and Automotive Machine Shop Services. Our Automotive  Machine Shop Services include Cylinder boring from Single Cylinder Motorcycle, ATV, Marine, Automotive and Industrial Applications. Our Cylinder Boring services include sleeve installation, counter bore repair and O ringing. Cylinder head rebuilding services include CBN cylinder head surfacing to very fine RA surface finishes, pressure testing cylinder heads crack repair, seat and guide installation and custom valve jobs.  A full connecting rod reconditioning department with rod resizing, straightening and piston pin fitting. crankshaft balancing ,Magnufluxing, Flow Bench Cylinder Head Flow Testing. Our flywheel grinding service can handle automotive, truck and heavy duty flywheel grinding.

Neponset Valley Machine  offer most brands of engine parts at competitive pricing. High Performance Engine Building , Marine & Performance Engine Rebuilding, foreign and domestic exchange cylinder heads and crankshaft kits are all available.

Experts in Engine Rebuilding , Cylinder Head Rebuilding , Engine Parts, Crankshaft applications and specifications and automotive Machine Shop application and services.

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Match Weighing Pistons Pins and Connecting RodsCentering Boring Head Very Accurate Cylinder Bore LocationSurfacing Aluminum Head Very Low RA Surface Finish
Proper Surface finish critical for gasket sealingChecking Rod For Size, Roundness or TaperIn Block Valve Seats Valve JobMatch Weighing Work Station
Crankshaft and rotating assembly balancingLine honing engine block main line is critical all block machining references the engine block main bore
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Rebuilt engines (or remanufactured engines) have undergone a complete restoration. This means that the basic block head, crank and connecting rods have been rebuilt remanufactured to OEM specifications . The pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets and seals, oil pump, timing and valve train components have all been replaced with new parts.

Many original OEM manufacturing flaws in the engine can be diagnosed and corrected, thus resolving the engine’s initial reason for failure. Expect the rebuilt engine to equal or exceed the performance of the original engine as the replacement components are more up to date than the parts they replace.

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Engine Rebuilding service includes all foreign and domestic engines for automobiles , trucks and Marine applications. all engines are custom built by expert eng rebuilder.
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