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Cylinder Head Pressure Testing 
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Automotive Cylinder Head Pressure Testing
Diesel Cylinder Head Pressure Testing
Cylinder Head Pressure Testing Automotive - Import and Diesel Cylinder Heads
Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing is a method of testing hollow castings for leakage. Unlike Magnaflux Inspection, it can be used on both Aluminum and Cast Iron parts. Magnaflux Inspection can only be used on ferrous metals that will support a magnetic field.
Magnaflux Inspection will reveal surface cracks in both solid and hollow castings where Pressure Testing can only be used on hollow castings that can be pressurized with air. Only Pressure Testing will reveal pin holes, which is very useful when checking the integrity of repaired castings. Pressure testing will also reveal if cracks are leaking yet and whether cylinder sleeves and injector sleeves are leak free.

Pressure Testing and Magnaflux Inspection both have limitations. In a well equipped shop both are needed to overcome the shortcomings of both procedures.

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