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Rottler cylinder boring machine for boring & sleeving.
Boring & sleeving 8 cylinders
Boring  with the BHJ Bore -Tru plate
Neponset Valley Machine is staffed with professional machinists highly skilled in cylinder block boring, sleeving, counter boring and O ring repair. Our range of boring capabilities  includes Single Cylinder Motorcycle and ATV cylinders. Automotive Block Cylinders, Medium Diesel Block Cylinders both Import and Domestic.As engines get used, over time their cylinders become worn out. This wear and tear results from the ongoing friction stresses created from the piston, the piston rings and the combustion of the engine. During a major rebuild, boring out and honing the engine cylinders provides new life to the engine parts and reduces combustion problems from deposits.Engine honing is the process in which a mechanic uses fine-grade stones to deglaze the cylinder walls of an engine block before the pistons are put back into the engine. This assures a tight, leak-free fit between the piston rings and the cylinder walls. Cylinder Honing

The Bore-Tru Kit is the only commercially available fixture that enables the machinist to quickly and accurately locate the cylinder bores over the correct crankshaft centerline. When properly installed, the Bore-Tru references from the rear main surface or rear main thrust surface (depending on block configuration) as a zero datum for front to rear positioning of the fixture on the deck surface. In addition, it spaces the bores at the correct center-to-center distance from one another.

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