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Tear down & cleaning areaCleaned cylinder heads ready for inspectionCleaned engine blocksEngine block on standAgitating hot tank internal and external cleaningRod & Piston Assemblies
Engine component cleaning. : Cylinder heads, engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods,pistons, gears ,pulleys all are
cleaned and inspected.

The engine rebuilding process starts with teardown and a thorough cleaning.Jet spray power washing, hot tank soaking and glass beading
are all great methods for complete cleaning solutions. All cleaned parts are sent forward to the inspection process.
Engine rebuilding starts in the cleaning department a thorough cleaning incluing external and internal areas such as water and oil passages. Grease oil and carbon deposits are removed prior to the inspection process
Engine component inspection. : Cylinder heads, engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods,pistons, gears ,pulleys all are inspected. Visual inspection along with  size checks on all critical dimensions. Tools include micrometers , dial bore gauges, Magnuflux machine, valve stem hieght gauges. Casting integrity are checked with Magnuflux processes, pressure tester, sonic tester. Cylinder head flow inspection through Flow bench testing.

Crack found in valve seatMagnuflux Stationary MachineDie penatrant kit with black lightHorse shoe magnetic inspection with powder Cylinder head and block pressure testerFlow Bench Tesing

Performance engine machining & blueprinting.

The process starts with main line alignment and surface prep and proper sizing.With main bearings, a worn, out-of-round or damaged bore can be restored back to standard ID by grinding or milling the mounting surface of the main caps, bolting the caps back on the block, and then line honing to their original dimensions. The mail housing bore is the base line for all blueprinting and performance engine machining. The main line is the datum for cylinder boring and block squaring.
Performance engine block machining & blueprinting.

The Bore-Tru Kit is the only commercially available fixture that enables the
machinist to quickly and accurately locate the cylinder bores over the correct crankshaft centerline. When properly installed, the Bore-Tru references from the rear main surface or rear main thrust surface (depending on block configuration)
as a zero datum for front to rear positioning of the fixture on the deck surface. In addition, it spaces the bores at the correct center-to-center distance from one another.

Performance engine block machining & blueprinting.

Proper surface finish and cross hatch are both critcal.Progressive engine builders must be responsive to the dynamic changes in the industry. With the latest model ring seating requirements and the diverse number of block configurations, the machinist needs to constantly keep up with the changes in ring sealing technology. Cylinder finish is becoming a science as the demands continue to grow. Graphical representation of the cylinder finish, such as that displayed on an Abbott-Firestone Curve, provide a qualitative analysis of the characteristics of the surface finish. The Rk family of parameters directly portrays the surface characteristics over a given sampling length.

Cross Hatch PatternCross Hatch In Aluminum BlockCross Hatch In Sleeve Honing Block with Torque Plates.Chuck on CK-10 Honing Block with Torque Plates.
Crankshaft balancing and rotating assembly balancing.

The Crankshaft must be balanced along with the rotating and reciprocating components.The rotating and reciprocating components must be match weighted first.. Once match weighted the bob weights can be assembled , based on the matched weights of the rotating and reciprocating components.The Bob weights are attached to the crankshaft during the crankshaft balancing process in order to simulate the weight of the rotating and reciprocating components

V8 Bob WeightClutch Assemblies BalancedCrank Shaft and Rod BalancingRotating Assemblies Sold and Balanced HereMatch Weighing Work Station
Performance Valve Jobs

The process starts with the right Machining and Testing Equipment. 3 to 5 angle valve jobs , angle narrowing and contouring are all part of the process. Concentricity and proper air flow are all critical components.Neponset Valley Machine utilizes the Sunnen VG 20 for superior concentricity and seat surface finish. Neponset Valley machine  uses the latest tooling which enables precise surface finishes and sizing.
Performance Vave Jobs3 Angle Valve JobBowl ContouringPerformance Cylinder Heads AvailableLarge Diameter Natural Gas Valve SeatBowl Forming For Air Flow
Cylinder Head Surfacing

Neponset Valley Machine utilizes the latest milling process to produce the required surface finishes for today's modern gaskets. Our professional machinists are expert in gasket applications and surface finish requirement achieving perfect flatness, surface finish and gasket sealing.

Low RA Surface Finish on Aluminum HeadsLow RA Surface Finish on Cast iron Heads
Cylinder head flow bench testing

What does it take to make power? That's a question builders around the country are trying to answer every day. We know that making power takes a variety of factors working together, and we also know that a large component of the equation is airflow, plain and simple. We've all heard the old analogies about an engine being basically an air pump. However, none of us are bolting together a sensational mill to try and air up the tires. Another way of looking at it is considering the fact that air and fuel mix in an essentially fixed ratio in a performance engine, from about 12.4 to 13:1 air/fuel ratio. Getting more of this mixture into the engine is key to having more energy to burn, and making more power in the process. The ratio, which is calculated by weight, not volume, naturally means that an engine will demand large quantities of air to fill the cylinders of a high-output engine. Now, how are you going to predict a positive step towards power production without knowing how much of that precious air can find its way in via the ports, and then back out the exhaust

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Performance engine block blueprinting  & block squaring.

BHJ's Blok-Tru engine block blueprinting fixture corrects improperly
machined deck surfaces, commonly caused by factory machine
tolerances and production line inaccuracies. This precision-machined fixture has a true 45-degree angle machined at each side of its own centerline. The Blok-Tru Index Plate, when installed on the cam-crank centerline of the block, is then referenced to roll over and correctly index the block into position for the resurfacing operation .When the Blok-Tru is set-up and used in the prescribed manner, all angular dimensions shown in the illustration above can be held within five minutes of one degree. Top engine builders across the country rely on the Blok-Tru to provide the level of accuracy necessary for today's performance applications